Pensive love.

Desk Accessory35cm x 12cm x 6cm

Idea: The idea is to leave a memory with the passage of time through the act of writing a note each day and storing them as folded hearts in a wooden pod. As the multi coloured wooden pods get filled with the notes, the boxes start emptying out and start revealing the passage of the month through the year. A Filled pod is either for you to keep and look back at a previous moment in time or for you to give to someone as part of a memory you had with them.

Material & Composition: The love in the form of memories is frozen into a box with 12 pockets for the pods to sit. The pods are crafted in multi coloured wood and the frozen box is crafted in acrylic.

Custom Made to Order.


Idea: SPICETINS are narratives of 'Transparent Opaqueness' and 'Shapes of Aroma'. These are sculpted with delicate woodworking, hiding the image of its content to be experienced only by the Sense of Smell. The subtle variations of wood colour correlate with the spices held within, along with neat piercings on the surface unfurling tiny clouds of fragrance around it. The container, the contained and the user in the event of accessing the SPICETINS form a tale, a tale conveyed, despite being untold

The coloured wooden wedges intertwined in the slanting interlocking crevasses form a landscape of aroma at the center of a table in today's urbanised nuclear family homes, transforming urban tables into a rural fiction.

Material & Composition: Multi-coloured wooden boxes crafted into a staggered single coloured custom chosen wooden base.

Set of two Tins (without base) INR 850
Set of four Tins with Base INR 2350


TV Unit 30cm x 250cm x 80cm

Material: Matte finished Acacia Solid Wood skeleton with multi-coloured wooden vertical louvres for sliding panel.

Idea: The line as a primary code of the language. The transverse being staggered to disperse the horizontal visual and structural weight vertically. The verticality is then broken into hued fragments. As these fragments march into two portals into the transverse again creating a permutation of the shades of Acacia, Mahogany, Teak ,Jack and Violet wood.

Price: INR 32280

Float Stool

Bar Stool 40cm x 40cm x 82.5cm

Material: Matte finish acacia solid wood skeleton supports with detachable multi coloured wood seats in custom unique patterns.

Composition: Catenary Seat floating on theatrically elevated slender supports. Seat patterns vary with each product making them easy to be personalised. The frame and seat is detachable and can be assembled easily.

Price : INR 7650